Belt Technologies

A venture studio specializing in ushering in the Web 3.0 for employees of the 21st Century


We care about uniting the diverse and disparate array of blockchain/cryptoasset solutions out there in one.


We care about enabling you to to achieve a smarter way of life, one that is better integrated with the Industry 4.0.


We care about not making the user think about the way they interface with this emerging and exponential technology.

Our Manifesto
Our Belif System

Blockchain and Cryptoassets have recently become a booming industry with billions of dollars generated from ICOs and the like. This emerging but exponential technology is the latest entry in the grand scheme of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It’s an industry rife with many controversies as well as the potential to create huge impact. It’s the first time a technology has been recognized by global organizations such as the United Nations and their subsidiaries such as UNICEF, World Economic Forum, and governments & banks all over the world as having the power to enable sweeping changes throughout the world. From combatting climate change to ending poverty, blockchain and cryptoassets are two technologies that will inevitably become a mainstay of our 21st Century lives.

Belt Labs

Our venture studio builds Web 3.0 tools that futureproof people and organizations using a blockchain-agnostic approach.

Belt Solutions

Our consulting arm helps organizations across the globe to bring about more equity as we zero-in on creating social impact.

Our Flagship Product
The Belt Insurance

Belt's flagship product is a subscription software that will be the portal and and platform for decentralized insurance. Human beings spend roughly 1/4th (conservative estimate) of their entire waking lives working. What we envision is a future where employees are insured whenever and wherever they are and where their insurance isn't tied to any one provider with any one employer.